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the first of many instances where I fail at blending in with my fellow Aussies.

sunny 24 °C

The first time I tried to order coffee in Sydney back in July 2008, I mystified the baristas at Gloria Jean's by trying to order a basic "house coffee" as I would at Peet's or Starbucks, and it took two different people to finally figure out that I wanted just a basic flat white.

This morning, I stood out at breakfast.

Shellie, Paddy and I went out to Grind, a cafe down the street where Shellie works, for coffee and eggs. Perusing the menu at our sunny balcony table (by 8:30 a.m., it was easily in the mid-70s), I chose an omelette with four add-ons: bacon, spinach, hash browns and mushrooms. Our waiter, Tony, gave me a funny look as I ticked off these ingredients, further confused when I said that I wanted all these add-ons inside my omelette. He looked over at Shellie to confirm that's what I ordered, and when I said I wanted a side of raisin toast with it, he actually let out a laugh. "Well, that's weird," he said as he collected our menus and walked away.

Perplexed, I indulged my table mates in a discussion about breakfast culture: aren't hash browns just shoestring potatoes? [No, turns out they're those fried blocks of potato normally served as a side dish.] Are those not normally ordered inside an omelette? [Not usually, no.] And why is it odd to order sweet toast with my eggs? [Not sure, but it's a catchy idea!]

When Tony returned, he smiled as he placed this in front of me:


I thought the cheese on top was a cute touch.

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G'Day, Sydney.

waking up to my newest adventure

sunny 25 °C

xmas_and_s..y_1_005.jpg xmas_and_s..y_1_006.jpg

I'm here!! It certainly took a lot of vacuum-bag packing and post-holiday emotion out of me, but Paddy and I managed to get through 14 hours of turbulance (okay, maybe only four hours worth; still, it made the babies on board scream every time and it's very difficult to sleep through that racket...), customs, and out of the airport to his house in Leichhardt with no problems.

(Oh, except for the fact that when I applied for my travel visa, the agent I sent my documents to typed and incorrect passport number into the system. Bah. Fortunately, that was resolved at the airport in a matter of minutes.)

As we taxied through Sydney, I stared out the window at the familiar sights we passed: the Redfern train station, Cleveland Street (adjacent to Geegal) and the corner Rose Hotel, where Dylan, Paddy and I would grab pints of Little Creatures after an intense round of Uno in the living room. We passed the pool Paddy, Shellie and I used to swim laps in at Victoria Park, past the Lansdowne Hotel (home of the once $5 steak dinner - pretty sure it costs more these days), the Broadway Shopping Center, and my favorite place to shop and eat, Glebe Street. I was blown away at how well I remembered all these places; my memories are still so clear, it's as though I never even left.

Paddy's house is adorable:

xmas_and_s..y_1_024.jpg xmas_and_s..y_1_025.jpg

The view doesn't suck either...


We dropped our luggage at the house before heading out to grab food just down the road on Norton Street, the main drag in Leichhardt. Nicknamed "Little Italy," Leichhardt is a cute, family-filled suburb with tons of cafes, shops, and even a little movie theatre that serves beer and wine. I think I'll be happy here. :)

Feeling jetlagged, we've been mostly sleeping in the sun (it's at least 80 today! Wahoo!) and catching up with Shellie this afternoon, but tonight a bunch of our uni friends are meeting up at a bar near UTS for catch-up drinks. Should be fabulous.

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Less Than Two Weeks 'til Takeoff

home for the holidays, then it's back to Australia!

Last time I traveled to the land Down Under, I found it helpful to remember and reflect on my experiences by blogging. My entries varied by length, by substance and by style, and though the time between entries ranged from a few days to a few weeks, I'm so grateful to have a log of my travels from that first adventure. I was 21, hopeful, and stoked beyond belief as I kissed my family goodbye and strode towards my departure gate at SFO.

Now here I sit, a 23-year-old college graduate with a year of work under my belt, aching for that impending feeling of excitement at the airport. Until then, I have much to look forward to here: the annual crab feed at my grandparents' house, watching Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco, reuniting with friends coming home for the holidays, celebrating Christmas with both sides of my family, and sharing the festive season with Paddy, my boyfriend of almost two years and perhaps my greatest reminder of everything I love and miss about Australia.

Hope the days don't fly by too fast...

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